SURPRISE! Beyonce Drops 5th Album + Click To Watch All 17 New Videos

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December 13, 2013

(BlackMediaScoop) Beyoncé surprised the world early Friday morning with the unanticipated release of her fifth studio album on iTunes. Described as a “visual album,” the self-titled album features 14 tracks and 14 videos to go along with each song as well as three additional videos.

Among the many guests on the album is daughter, Blue Ivy, on a song called “Blue.” Blue Ivy famously made a cameo on a Jay-Z song (“Glory”) two days after she was born in 2012.

Beyoncé, who released the album without any promotional marketing or traditional teasers, explains the project in this video posted on her Facebook page...

Other guests on the album include Jay Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Justin Timberlake.

“I see music,” Beyoncé explains. “It’s more than just what I hear. When I’m connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion, a memory from my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams or my fantasies. And they’re all connected to the music.

“I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it. I am bored with that. I feel like I am able to speak directly to my fans. There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. I felt like I didn’t want anybody to give the message when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.”

The album costs $15.99 exclusively on iTunes, with individual songs on sale Dec. 20. Physical copies will be available in time for the holidays.

Here’s what a few fans had to say…

Fans react to Bey's 5th album

1. Pretty Hurts

2. Haunted

3. Drunk in Love ft. Jay Z

4. Blow

5. No Angel

6. Partition

7. Jealous

8. Rocket

9. Mine ft. Drake

10. XO

11. “***Flawless ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

12. “Superpower” ft. Frank Ocean

13. “Heaven”

14. “Blue” ft. Blue Ivy

15. Grown Woman

16. Yonce

17. Ghost

What do you think…who’s buying it? Which track do you like…we’re feeling Blow.