RIP: Man With 132 Pound Scrotum Dead at 49.

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March 14, 2014

(BlackMediaScoop) Wesley Warren Jr., best known as the man with the 132-pound scrotum, died Friday, March 14 in Las Vegas due to health complications. He was 49.

The Las Vegas resident died at the University Medical Center after being hospitalized for the last five-and-a-half weeks, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which first reported the news of Warren’s death. The exact cause of Warren’s death was not disclosed, although his roommate believed it was unrelated to his scrotum.

“He had infections that I think were brought on by his diabetes and then he had those heart attacks,” Warren’s roommate and pal Joey Hurtado said. Warren underwent surgery last April to remove his swollen scrotum, induced by a painful condition known as scrotal lymphedema. At the time of the procedure, Warren weighed 500 pounds.

The star of TLC’s The Man With the 132-Lb Scrotum said in August 2013 that his “personal hell” began in May 2008, after a household mishap that resulted in a blow to a testicle. “Even when I got offers to help, it was hard,” he said of his daily struggle. “My scrotum was so large I couldn’t get on a plane. I was too big to use an airplane restroom.”