KNOCKOUT LIE! This Woman Says “Black Thug” Punched Her But This Is What Really Happened

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December 10, 2013

(BlackMediaScoop) A woman lied about a black man hitting her while playing the “knockout game.” Ashley Depew, 23, told police that she was attacked and hit in the face by a “black thug.”

She said a group of young black men approached her while she was standing outside of a bar called Trophy Room on Nov. 17. After the attack, she said people scattered. Depew’s eye was swollen shut.

However, those who were at the Trophy Room that night didn’t recall the incident. Police later discovered that Depew’s boyfriend, Justin Simms, punched her in the face. Depew lied to protect her boyfriend and prevent him from being arrested. SMDH!

Ashley Depew

Depew’s lawyer doesn’t want her to be charged because she was a victim of domestic violence. However, Depew’s lie could have led to the arrest of an innocent black man. Furthermore, her lie perpetuates racial stereotypes that continues to affect millions who are racially profiled or must deal with racial injustice on a daily.

Because her selfish act could have led to a more disastrous situation, Depew should be charged with filing a false report.

However, Police have yet to indicate if they will file charges against Depew and her boyfriend.

What do you think, should she be charged?

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