“I’M ON FOOD STAMPS” Baby Mama Says Beyonce’s Dad Isn’t Paying Child Support

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February 17, 2014

(BlackMediaScoop) Beyonce’s dad Matthew Knowles is behind on child support payments, leaving his baby mama, Alexsandra using ‘food stamps to survive’. Matthew now owes $32,135,90 in child support.

However, Beyonce’s father has slammed initial reports that he owes the mother of his lovechild support checks. Sources close to the music manager claim messed up paperwork is to blame for the dispute. Matthew, who is set to appear in court in Los Angeles on Friday in relation to the child support drama, was said to be two months behind in his payments. However, he has told friends that he made the payments slightly late, but past the deadline for being credited, so it only appears like he hasn’t paid what he owes.

Mathew Knowles & baby mama

Matthew is now reportedly behind for his December payment, which was due on the 1st, but plans to pay the full $12,000 before it officially becomes delinquent. In 2009, Beyonce’s mother Tina filed for divorce from Matthew after he reportedly had an affair with Alexsandra, who got pregnant and requested a paternity test.

Beyonce, 32, and sister Solange, 27, didn’t attend their father’s wedding when he re-married earlier this year, tying the knot with former model Gena Charmaine Avery in Houston, Texas in June.

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