Carmen Ortega

(BlackMediaScoop) With his wedding just a few weeks away, a jumpoff has come out of nowhere with some serious drama! Earlier this week a model named Carmen Ortega came forward to discuss leaked text messages that didn’t show Miami Heat star LeBron James in the most flattering light.

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  • Ortega had this to say about a dinner she had with LeBron and friends:

    “During dinner he was trying to hug me, trying to bring me closer to him. Basically, trying to be a little more than friends. He put his arm around me brought me closer to him, I was sitting there uncomfortable. I didn’t care if it was private or not I didn’t know the situation. I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends so I played it off, It made me feel like cheap. I don’t like looking like this, it’s not cool. Even if it’s his childhood friends. It was offensive to me, him having a girl and doing that in front of his friends it made me feel terrible. And when it was time to go he wanted us to leave out of separate doors, like ‘You leave out the front I’ll leave out the back.’”

    Carmen Ortega

    The kicker in all of this is of course the fact that LeBron is engaged. From the looks of it, nothing really happened between the two, but it seems LeBron clearly wanted something more.

    Ortega has the alleged text messages to prove it…

    Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 3.06.59 PM

    Lebron tweets?

    Lebron tweets?

    Ortega claims when she asked LeBron if he was engaged…he denied it and told her not to believe everything she reads…

    Lebron tweets?

    Lebron tweets?

    I mean…is LeBron really that dumb to text chics…if so he deserves to be caught! But something just aint right with this story…

    What do you think…do you believe her?


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